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Zen Rocket League Settings – Camera, Control, Deadzone, Hardware (2024)

Alexis Bernier, also known as Zen, is a talented Rocket League player from France. Born on February 20, 2007, Zen is currently 16 years old and has been an active player in the game since 2020. Zen plays in the European region and is currently a member of Team Vitality, one of the top teams in the Rocket League esports scene. As a player, Zen has achieved a lot of success in his short career, earning a total of $4,716 in winnings so far.

Rocket League is the game that Zen started his esports journey with, and he has since become a highly skilled player in the game. His dedication and hard work have made him one of the rising stars of the Rocket League scene.

As a member of Team Vitality, Zen is an important part of the team’s success. He plays a key role in the team’s strategy and is known for his excellent teamwork and communication skills. Zen’s ability to read the game and make quick decisions has helped his team win many crucial matches.

Despite his young age, Zen is already making a name for himself in the Rocket League esports scene. With his talent and dedication, he has the potential to become one of the best players in the game in the coming years. Fans of Rocket League and esports in general should definitely keep an eye on this talented player from France.

Zen Camera Settings:

Setting Value
FOV 110
Height 100
Angle -3.0
Distance 270
Stiffness 0.35
Swivel Speed 4.00
Transition Speed 1.00
Ball Cam Toggle
Camera Shake No

Zen Control Settings:

Action Keybind
Jump X
Throttle R2
Air Roll (Left/Right) R1 ( L2 / – )
Ball Cam
Boost O
Brake L2

Zen Deadzone Settings:

Setting Value
Deadzone Shape Cross
Deadzone 0.07
Dodge Deadzone 0.80
Aerial Sensitivity 1.50
Steering Sensitivity 1.50

Zen Gaming Setup:

Gear Name Model
Gaming Controller Sony DualShock 4
Gaming Monitor ASUS ASUS VG279QM
Gaming Headset Logitech Pro X Wireless

Expert Opinion On Zen Rocket League Settings:

As we discussed earlier that Zen is a highly skilled Rocket League player who has gained popularity in the gaming community for his exceptional gameplay.

Like all Rocket League players, Zen’s game settings play an important role in his performance. In this section, I will provide an overview of Zen’s Rocket League settings.

Camera Settings: Zen’s camera settings are essential to his gameplay. He has chosen to turn off camera shake to have a smoother visual experience. His Field of View (FOV) is set to 110, which provides him with a wider view of the field. His camera height is set to 100, which helps him see the ball better, and the camera angle is set to -3.0, which provides him with a better perspective of the ball’s position.

Zen’s camera distance is set to 270, which is a medium distance, and his stiffness is set to 0.35, which provides him with a good balance between control and speed. His swivel speed is set to 4.00, which allows him to turn the camera quickly, and his transition speed is set to 1.00, which provides him with a smooth transition when changing camera angles. Lastly, Zen prefers to use the ball camera and has set it to toggle.

Control Settings: Zen has customized his control settings to his preference. He has mapped his powerslide to the square button, air roll (left/right) to the R1 button, boost to the circle button, jump to the cross button, ball cam to the triangle button, brake to the L2 button, and throttle to the R2 button.

This setup allows him to have quick access to all essential functions, providing him with optimal control during gameplay.

Deadzone Settings: Zen’s deadzone settings are also an essential part of his gameplay. His deadzone shape is set to cross, and his deadzone is set to 0.07. His dodge deadzone is set to 0.80, aerial sensitivity is set to 1.50, and steering sensitivity is set to 1.50. These settings provide him with the necessary control and precision to execute complex maneuvers.

Hardware Settings: Zen uses a Sony DualShock 4 controller for his gameplay. His monitor is an ASUS VG279QM, which is known for its fast response time and low input lag. Lastly, he uses a Logitech Pro X Wireless headset, which provides him with high-quality sound and comfort during gameplay.

Zen’s Achievements In Rocket League:

Zen, the French Rocket League player, has made a name for himself in the competitive gaming scene with his impressive achievements. Since 2020, he has been an active player, representing various teams such as CALIENTE, Les Coquille, and Pisky Gros Noobz.

He has competed in several tournaments, ranging from C-tier to B-tier and even Monthly and Weekly tournaments. Notably, he has taken the first place in several competitions such as Urban Series, RTBF iXPé, and DreamHack Beyond.

His success in Rocket League has earned him a total of $4,716 in winnings, showcasing his skills as a top-tier player. With such an impressive track record, Zen’s career in Rocket League is undoubtedly something to be admired.

Final Words:

In conclusion, Zen’s Rocket League settings have been carefully customized to his preferences, allowing him to perform at his best during gameplay. His camera settings, control settings, and deadzone settings are tailored to his playstyle, and his hardware setup ensures that he has a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

These settings have contributed to his success as a Rocket League player and have made him one of the top players like Evoh, Evil, Fahad, Musty in the esports scene.


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