Evil Camera Settings in Rocket League (2023)

EviL is the in-game name of a professional Rocket League player from Saudi Arabia named Ali Alshehri. He is currently a member of the team “Sky Force” and has been playing Rocket League competitively since 2021.

EviL is known for his strong offensive skills, particularly his ability to score goals in high-pressure situations. He is also recognized for his technical abilities and quick decision-making, which are important traits in a fast-paced game like Rocket League.

EviL has participated in a number of major Rocket League tournaments and has achieved several notable results. In 2021, he helped lead his team to a first-place finish in the Asian Regional Championship of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), which is the top professional league for the game.

He has also competed in the Rocket League World Championship, where the best teams from around the world come together to compete.

Evil Camera Settings (Updated):

Swivel Speed4.40
Transition Speed1.40
Ball CamToggle
Camera ShakeNo

Expert Opinion on Evil Camera Settings:

Camera settings are an important aspect of playing Rocket League, as they can affect a player’s ability to see the field and make accurate shots and passes. EviL’s camera settings are optimized to give him a clear and consistent view of the game.

For his field of view (FOV), EviL uses a value of 110, which gives him a wider view of the field than the default setting. He also sets his camera distance to 280, which is slightly further back than the default. This allows him to see more of the field and better anticipate where the ball and other players will be.

EviL’s camera settings also include a relatively low camera height of 90 and a camera angle of -3. These settings help him to maintain good ball visibility while also allowing him to see his car and the terrain clearly.

Overall, EviL’s camera settings are optimized for his playstyle and help him to perform at a high level in competitive Rocket League matches.

In addition to his FOV, camera distance, height, and angle settings, EviL also adjusts a few other camera settings to further enhance his visibility and gameplay. For example, he turns off camera shake, which can make it difficult to track the ball accurately. He also sets his ball camera stiffness to 0.4, which gives him better control over the camera when he switches to ball cam.

EviL’s camera settings are just one aspect of his overall gameplay, but they show the level of attention to detail that top Rocket League players put into optimizing their setups. By finding the camera settings that work best for them, players can improve their ability to track the ball, predict opponent movements, and make precise shots and saves. For aspiring Rocket League players, studying the camera settings and playstyles of top players like EviL can be a valuable way to learn and improve.

Achievements of Evil:

2022-11-045th – 8thA-TierRLCS 2022-23 – Fall: MENA Regional 3 – Fall InvitationalANKAA Esports0 : 4$1,800
2022-10-075th – 8thA-TierRLCS 2022-23 – Fall: MENA Regional 1 – Fall OpenMiracle Makers1 : 4$1,800
2022-06-104thA-TierSaudi eLeagues 2022OWL Esports2 : 4$10,668
2022-05-145th – 6thA-TierRLCS 2021-22 – Spring: MENA Regional Event 2SCYTES0 : 4$2,400
2022-04-287th – 8thA-TierRLCS 2021-22 – Spring: MENA Regional Event 1SCYTES2 : 3$1,800
2022-02-197th – 8thA-TierRLCS 2021-22 – Winter: MENA Regional Event 3SCYTES2 : 3$1,800
2022-01-302ndA-TierRLCS 2021-22 – Winter: MENA Regional Event 2SCYTES0 : 4$6,000
2022-01-162ndA-TierRLCS 2021-22 – Winter: MENA Regional Event 1SCYTES1 : 4$6,000
2021-10-315th – 8thA-TierRLCS 2021-22 – Fall: MENA Regional Event 2The Deadly Boyz0 : 4$1,800
2021-10-175th – 8thA-TierRLCS 2021-22 – Fall: MENA Regional Event 1The Deadly Boyz2 : 4$1,800

Wrapping Up!

In the I will just say that, EviL is a skilled and respected player in the world of Rocket League, with strong offensive skills and technical abilities. His camera settings are optimized to give him a clear and consistent view of the game, allowing him to make accurate shots and passes while anticipating the movements of other players and the ball.

For players looking to improve their own gameplay, studying the settings and strategies of top players like EviL can be a valuable way to learn and improve. The Rocket League community continues to grow and evolve, and it will be exciting to see how players like EviL continue to push the boundaries of the game!

Happy Gaming!


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