Amphis Rocket League Settings – Camera, Control, Deadzone (2023)

Amphis, whose real name is Luke Riddell, is a professional Rocket League player from the Australia. He first started playing Rocket League competitively in 2018 and has since become a well-known and respected player in the community. He is known for his quick decision-making, ability to read the game, and adaptability to different play styles.

Throughout his career, Amphis has competed on various teams, including RBG Esports, Afterthought, Zookeepers, and a few others. He has achieved numerous top placements in various tournaments, including first place finishes in the Beyond Entertainment ASTRONAUTS Star Circuit: S2 – Qualifier 2, The Field S2 – North America: Division 1, and The Field S3 – North America: Division 1 tournaments.

Aside from his successful competitive career, Amphis has also been praised for his positive attitude and sportsmanship on and off the field. He has often been seen interacting with his fans and fellow players, sharing his knowledge and experience with the community.

Amphis Camera Settings (Updated):

Swivel Speed7.00
Transition Speed1.20
Ball CamToggle
Camera ShakeNo

Amphis Control Settings:

Air Roll (Left/Right)– (LB / RB)
Ball CamY

Amphis Deadzone Settings:

Deadzone ShapeCross
Dodge Deadzone0.20
Aerial Sensitivity1.98
Steering Sensitivity1.46

Overview of Amphis’ Rocket League Settings:

Amphis’ Rocket League settings are well-known in the Rocket League community due to his success and skill as a professional player. His settings are specifically customized to fit his gameplay style, and he has made slight adjustments to his settings over time to continue to optimize his gameplay.

Amphis’ settings include his camera settings, control settings, video settings, and more. Some of his notable settings include a camera distance of 260, camera height of 100, camera angle of -3, and a field of view (FOV) of 110. In terms of control settings, Amphis uses a keyboard and mouse and has customized his keybinds to fit his preferences. He has also fine-tuned his video settings for optimal performance and quality.

Explanation of Amphis’ Camera Settings:

Amphis’ camera settings are a key aspect of his gameplay, as they affect his ability to see and react to the game. His camera distance, height, and angle are all set to maximize his ability to see the field and react to the ball. His FOV is set high to give him a wider view of the field, allowing him to make quicker decisions and anticipate plays. Amphis’ camera settings are designed to give him the best view of the game while also allowing him to play comfortably and react quickly.

Analysis of Amphis’ Mouse and Keyboard Setup:

Amphis uses a mouse and keyboard setup for Rocket League, which is not uncommon among professional players. He has customized his keybinds to fit his preferences and gameplay style, allowing him to execute moves and controls quickly and smoothly.

Amphis’ keybinds include a unique setup for air rolling, using a combination of the spacebar and shift keys. His mouse settings, such as sensitivity and DPI, are also adjusted to his preferences to ensure precise and accurate movements.

Amphis’ Display Settings and Setup:

Amphis’ display settings are also a critical aspect of his gameplay. He has customized his video settings to optimize performance and quality, ensuring that he can play at his best. This includes adjusting settings such as texture quality, shadow quality, and anti-aliasing. In addition to video settings, Amphis’ display setup is also designed for optimal performance. He uses a 240Hz monitor, which allows for faster refresh rates and smoother gameplay.

Comparison of Amphis’s Settings to Other Pro Players:

Comparing Amphis’ settings to other professional Rocket League players like BeastMode, Deevo, Aztromick etc can give insight into how different players approach the game. While some players may use similar settings, others may have drastically different settings that work well for them. However, certain settings, such as camera distance and height, FOV, and control bindings, tend to be consistent among many players.

Comparing Amphis’ settings to other pro players can provide a broader understanding of how different settings can affect gameplay and success.

Achievements in Rocket League:

2021-07-121stA-TierIntel World Open – Asia Maritime and Oceania Regional FinalsAustralia3 : 1$17,500
2021-06-201stS-TierRLCS Season X – Oceanic ChampionshipGround Zero Gaming2 : 1$70,000
2021-05-021stA-TierRLCS Season X – Spring: OCE MajorGround Zero Gaming4 : 0$10,000
2021-04-181stA-TierRLCS Season X – ESL Oceanic Championship: Spring Regional Event 3Ground Zero Gaming4 : 0$10,000
2021-03-141stA-TierRLCS Season X – ESL Oceanic Championship: Spring Regional Event 1Ground Zero Gaming4 : 2$10,000
2021-02-071stA-TierRLCS Season X – Winter: OCE MajorGround Zero Gaming4 : 0$10,000
2020-12-131stA-TierRLCS Season X – ESL Oceanic Championship: Winter Regional Event 2Ground Zero Gaming4 : 1$10,000
2020-11-151stA-TierRLCS Season X – ESL Oceanic Championship: Winter Regional Event 1Ground Zero Gaming4 : 1$10,000
2020-10-041stA-TierRLCS Season X – ESL Oceanic Championship: Fall Regional Event 3Ground Zero Gaming4 : 2$10,000
2020-04-192ndA-TierRLCS Season 9 – Lets Play Live Rocket League Oceanic Championship: FinalsFURY0 : 4$2
Amphis Table of Achievements in Rocket League

Final Words:

As I discussed earlier in start of the paragraph that Amphis is a highly skilled and respected Rocket League player whose success and gameplay style have made him a popular figure in the Rocket League community.

His customized Rocket League settings, including his camera settings, control settings, video settings, and display setup, have been fine-tuned over time to optimize his gameplay and performance.

His success as a professional player is a testament to the importance of finding the right settings and customizing them to fit individual preferences and gameplay styles. While his settings may not work for everyone, analyzing them can provide valuable insights into how different settings can affect gameplay and success in Rocket League

Overall, His settings and gameplay serve as an inspiration to aspiring Rocket League players who seek to improve their skills and reach the highest levels of competition.


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