Scrub Killa Camera Settings in rocket league (2023)

Scrub Killa, also known as Kyle Robertson, is a professional Rocket League player from Scotland. He was born on May 8, 2003, which makes him 19 years old as of 2023. He started his professional career in 2015 and is still an active player in the Rocket League esports scene.

He is considered one of the most talented players in the world, known for his aggressive playstyle and incredible mechanical skill. He is primarily known for his ability to score goals and make flashy plays, which have earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting players to watch.

Currently, Scrub Killa is a member of the SK Gaming team, which competes in various Rocket League tournaments around the world. He has also played for other notable teams such as mousesports and Renault Vitality.

Scrub Killa’s alternate ID in Rocket League is simply “Scrub,” which has become his nickname among fans and players alike. He has also created an Epic Creator Code, “ScrubKilla,” which allows players to support him in the game.

Over the course of his career, Scrub Killa has earned an impressive total of $299,718 in winnings from various Rocket League tournaments. He has competed in events all over the world and has consistently performed at a high level, earning him a spot among the top players in the game.

It is worth noting that Scrub Killa’s journey to becoming a professional Rocket League player started with a game called SARPBC (Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars), which was the predecessor to Rocket League. He has since transitioned to Rocket League and has become one of the game’s most successful players.

Overall, Scrub Killa is a highly skilled and exciting player to watch in the world of Rocket League. With several years of experience under his belt and a long list of accomplishments, he is sure to remain a prominent figure in the esports scene for years to come.

Scrub Killa Camera Settings:

  • Camera shake: No
  • FOV: 110
  • Height: 100
  • Angle: -4.0
  • Distance: 270
  • Stiffness: 0.40
  • Swivel speed: 6.80
  • Transition speed: 1.30
  • Ball camera: Toggle

Scrub Killa Control Settings:

  • Powerslide: ▢
  • Air roll (left/right): ▢(L1 / R1)
  • Boost: O
  • Jump: X
  • Ball cam: △
  • Brake: L2
  • Throttle: R2

Scrub Killa Deadzone Settings:

  • Deadzone Shape: Cross
  • Deadzone: 0.05
  • Dodge Deadzone: 0.67
  • Aerial Sensitivity: 1.23
  • Steering Sensitivity: 1.23

Expert Analysis On Scrub Killa Rocket League Settings:

Scrub Killa is a professional Rocket League player who is known for his impressive skills and exciting playstyle. As with many professional gamers, Scrub Killa’s rocket league settings are closely watched by fans and other players who are looking to improve their own gameplay.

According to the information provided, Scrub Killa’s camera settings do not include any camera shake, and his field of view (FOV) is set at 110. His camera height is set to 100, and his camera angle is -4.0, which gives him a good view of the field.

His camera distance is set to 270, which is a relatively far distance, allowing him to see more of the field at once. He also uses a stiffness of 0.40, which means that his camera is slightly less responsive to movement, making it easier for him to maintain his focus on the game.

In terms of his control settings, Scrub Killa uses the square button for powerslides, the square button combined with L1 or R1 for air roll, the circle button for boost, the cross button for jumping, and the triangle button for toggling ball cam on and off.

He uses L2 for braking and R2 for throttle. These settings may be adjusted to the individual’s preference, but they are a good starting point for players who want to try to replicate Scrub Killa’s control settings.

Finally, Scrub Killa’s deadzone settings are also noteworthy. He uses a cross-shaped deadzone with a deadzone setting of 0.05 and a dodge deadzone of 0.67. His aerial sensitivity is set to 1.23, which means that he has greater control over his car while it is in the air. His steering sensitivity is also 1.23, which allows him to make quick and precise adjustments to his car’s steering.

Overall, Scrub Killa’s rocket league settings are well-suited to his playstyle and have helped him achieve great success in the game. While these settings may not work for every player, they are a good starting point for those who are looking to improve their own gameplay.


Scrub Killa’s rocket league settings are a valuable resource for players who are looking to improve their gameplay. As a professional player, He has carefully crafted his settings to suit his playstyle and give him a competitive edge in the game.

While these settings may not work for every player, they are a great starting point for those who are looking to optimize their own settings.

By experimenting with different camera, control, and deadzone settings, players can find the configuration that works best for their individual playstyle and help them climb the ranks in the world of Rocket League.


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