how to play Fortnite split screen in ps4

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world, and for good reason. With its fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and addictive multiplayer modes, Fortnite is a game that can keep you entertained for hours on end.

And now, with the ability to play split screen on the PS4, you can enjoy Fortnite with friends and family in the same room.

In this article, I will explain you how to set up split screen on your PS4 and play Fortnite with a partner. I will go over the hardware requirements, the steps for setting up split screen, how to start a game, and provide tips for playing.

I will also cover some common issues that may arise when playing split screen and how to troubleshoot them.

Setting up split screen on PS4:

Before you can start playing Fortnite split screen on your PS4, you’ll need a few things.

First and foremost, you’ll need two controllers. Ideally, you’ll want two controllers that are the same model and from the same manufacturer. However, any two PS4 controllers should work just fine.

Next, you’ll need a game that supports split screen. Fortunately, Fortnite is one such game. You’ll also need a TV that supports split screen or has picture-in-picture capabilities. Finally, make sure your PS4 is updated to the latest software version.

Once you have all of these things, you’re ready to set up split screen on your PS4. Here’s how:

  • Connect both controllers to your PS4.
  • Sign in to both accounts you want to use for split screen.
  • Start Fortnite and navigate to the main menu.
  • Press the “Options” button on your controller.
  • Select “Split Screen” from the menu.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to adjust the split screen settings to your liking.
  • Starting a split screen game

Now that you’ve set up split screen on your PS4, it’s time to start a game of Fortnite. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the “Battle Royale” or “Creative” mode.
  • Select the “Duos” or “Squads” game mode.
  • When prompted, choose which player is the primary player (this will determine the camera angle for both players).
  • Press the “Options” button on the primary player’s controller to start the game.
  • Playing split screen

Playing Fortnite split screen on your PS4 is similar to playing the game normally. However, there are a few differences you should be aware of.

First and foremost, the screen is split in half horizontally, with each player’s perspective taking up one half of the screen. This means that each player has a smaller field of view than they would if they were playing solo.

To compensate for this, it’s important to communicate with your teammate. Let them know what you see and where enemies are located. This will help both of you stay alive longer and work together more effectively.

Another important thing to keep in mind when playing split screen is that you’ll need to coordinate your actions with your teammate. This means deciding who will take which weapons and resources, who will build structures, and who will take point when engaging enemies.

Tips for playing split screen

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of playing Fortnite split screen on your PS4:

  • Communicate with your teammate: Use voice chat or in-game emotes to let them know what you’re seeing and what you plan to do.
  • Coordinate your actions: Decide who will take which weapons and resources, who will build structures, and who will take point when engaging enemies.
  • Watch your teammate’s back: Keep an eye out for enemies that your teammate might not see and let them know if they’re in danger.
  • Stay close together: Since you’re sharing a screen, it’s important to stay close to your teammate. This will make it easier to coordinate your actions and stay aware of each other’s surroundings.
  • Build structures strategically: Building structures is an important part of Fortnite, but it can be more challenging when playing split screen. Make sure you’re communicating with your teammate about where you’re building and why.
  • Pay attention to the map: When playing split screen, it can be easy to lose track of where you are on the map. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the map and communicating with your teammate about where you need to go next.

Troubleshooting common issues:

While playing Fortnite split screen on your PS4 can be a lot of fun, there are some common issues that you may run into. Here are some solutions to these issues:

  • Lag: If you’re experiencing lag while playing split screen, try adjusting the video settings on your PS4. You may also want to check your internet connection to make sure it’s stable.
  • Controller syncing problems: If your controllers aren’t syncing properly, try resetting them by holding down the reset button on the back of the controller.
  • Audio issues: If you’re having trouble hearing your teammate or the game audio, try adjusting the audio settings on your PS4. You may also want to check your audio cables to make sure they’re connected properly.


Playing Fortnite split screen on your PS4 can be a great way to enjoy the game with friends or family members. With the right setup and some strategic gameplay, you can work together to take on opponents and emerge victorious.

Whether you’re a seasoned Fortnite player or a newcomer to the game, playing split screen can be a fun and exciting way to experience all that the game has to offer.

So grab a friend or family member, set up split screen on your PS4, and get ready to battle it out in Fortnite!


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