Goku Black Fortnite Collaboration

Goku Black Fortnite Collaboration: Uniting Dragon Ball Z and Epic’s Battle Royalegoku black fortnite

Fortnite, the popular online battle royale game developed by Epic Games, is known for its dynamic collaborations with various franchises. One of the most exciting crossovers was with Dragon Ball Z, resulting in the introduction of the Goku Black Bundle.

In this article, we will look into the details of this collaboration, exploring the iconic Goku Black outfit, the Zamasu’s Fusion Scythe harvesting tool, and the Aura Goku Black Back Bling.

Goku Black Bundle:

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the Goku Black outfit. Designed to resemble the powerful antagonist from Dragon Ball Z, this outfit allows Fortnite players to transform their in-game characters into the formidable Goku Black. With his signature black gi, red sash, and fierce expressions, players can embody the essence of this iconic character.

Accompanying the Goku Black outfit is the Zamasu’s Fusion Scythe harvesting tool. True to the fusion between Goku Black and Zamasu, this harvesting tool represents their combined strength. The scythe adds an extra touch of flair to Fortnite’s harvesting mechanics, providing players with a unique and stylish way to gather resources.

To complete the Goku Black look, the Aura Goku Black Back Bling is included in the bundle. This back bling features a radiant, energy-infused aura that emanates from Goku Black. It adds an extra layer of visual appeal to the overall appearance, making players stand out on the battlefield.

Collaboration Details:

The collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z was a monumental event for fans of both franchises. With Fortnite’s immense popularity and Dragon Ball Z’s iconic status, the partnership created a buzz that resonated throughout the gaming community.

The Goku Black Bundle was made available during a specific period, and while collaborations of this nature can be time-limited, they often generate a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

How to Obtain the Goku Black Bundle:

To obtain the highly sought-after Goku Black Bundle in Fortnite, players were granted the exclusive chance to acquire it through the convenience of the in-game store. The meticulously designed store interface facilitated a seamless and user-friendly purchasing experience, granting players the ability to leisurely browse through the enticing selection of items and handpick the ones that resonated with their desires.

Within the in-game store, Fortnite enthusiasts were presented with the opportunity to explore the diverse offerings of the Goku Black Bundle. They could immerse themselves in the captivating array of cosmetic items that comprised this highly anticipated collaboration. The bundle, revered by fans, provided a comprehensive package that embodied the spirit of Goku Black and garnered eager anticipation among the Fortnite community.

It is important to note that while the exact pricing details of the Goku Black Bundle varied depending on the specific region and platform, the investment proved to be a compelling proposition for dedicated followers. Embracing the fervor and enthusiasm surrounding this crossover, fans willingly embraced the comprehensive package, recognizing the value it brought to their Fortnite experience.

Whether players embarked on epic battles as Goku Black or simply relished in the visual spectacle that the bundle bestowed upon their characters, the acquisition process remained an integral part of the overall experience.

The ability to effortlessly navigate the in-game store and engage in a seamless purchasing journey further solidified the collaborative endeavor between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z, generating a sense of unity and excitement among the player base.

Fortnite’s commitment to delivering an immersive and inclusive gaming experience was exemplified through the availability of the Goku Black Bundle. This collaboration, blending the beloved worlds of Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z, not only allowed players to express their adoration for both franchises but also underscored the evolving landscape of collaborative ventures within the gaming industry.

As Fortnite continues to forge new partnerships and create unforgettable moments, the Goku Black Bundle remains a testament to the imaginative possibilities that await players. Through the seamless accessibility of the in-game store and the allure of this comprehensive package, Fortnite enthusiasts across the globe eagerly embraced the opportunity to unleash the power of Goku Black within the vibrant realms of the game.

Impact on Gameplay:

It is important to note that the Goku Black Bundle is purely cosmetic in nature. Despite the imposing appearance of the outfit and the unique design of the harvesting tool and back bling, they do not alter any gameplay mechanics or provide any competitive advantages.

The collaboration primarily catered to fans of Dragon Ball Z, enabling them to showcase their love for the series within the Fortnite universe.


The Goku Black Fortnite collaboration exemplifies the ongoing trend of engaging crossovers between Fortnite and various franchises. By introducing the Goku Black Bundle, Fortnite allowed players to channel their inner Goku Black, showcasing their fandom for Dragon Ball Z in the midst of intense battles.

As collaborations continue to evolve, it’s exciting to see how these partnerships bring new experiences and opportunities for players within the gaming landscape.


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