how to use and find nitro drifter in fortnite

Drift Your Way to Victory: How to Find & Use the Nitro Drifter in Fortnite

Fortnite has become one of the most popular video games in the world. One of the game’s most exciting features is the ability to use vehicles to traverse the game map and engage in high-speed chases with other players.

One of the most thrilling vehicles in Fortnite is the Nitro Drifter, which allows players to perform drift maneuvers and race around the game map with style.

So without wasting your time, let’s explore how to find the Nitro Drifter in Fortnite and use its drift ability.

Explanation of Nitro Drifter:

The Nitro Drifter is a special vehicle that players can use in Fortnite. It is a small, three-wheeled vehicle that is designed for speed and agility. The Nitro Drifter is unique because it has the ability to perform drift maneuvers, which allow players to navigate tight corners and sharp turns with ease. This makes it one of the most sought-after vehicles in Fortnite.

Importance of Nitro Drifter in Fortnite:

The Nitro Drifter is important in Fortnite because it allows players to move quickly and efficiently around the game map. It is especially useful in high-intensity situations, such as when players are being chased by other players or trying to escape the storm.

Additionally, the Nitro Drifter’s drift ability gives players an advantage in races and challenges that require precise maneuvering.

Finding the Nitro Drifter:

Description of Nitro Drifter spawn locations:

The Nitro Drifter can be found at various locations throughout the game map. The most common spawn locations for the Nitro Drifter are on the edges of the map, near the coast, and in locations with a high concentration of buildings and structures.

Players can use their map and look for the Nitro Drifter symbol to find its spawn locations.

Strategies for finding Nitro Drifter:

The best strategy for finding the Nitro Drifter is to be aware of the spawn locations and move quickly to those locations as soon as possible. Players should also be aware of other players who may be attempting to get to the Nitro Drifter before them, and should be prepared to engage in a race or a battle to claim the vehicle.

It’s also a good idea to use the Nitro Drifter spawn locations as a guide for where other players may be located, as these locations are often hotspots for player activity.

Tips for getting to Nitro Drifter before other players:

To get to the Nitro Drifter before other players, players should be aware of the different ways to get around the map quickly. This includes using jump pads, building structures for cover, and using other vehicles to get to the Nitro Drifter spawn locations.

Players should also be aware of the time of day and weather conditions, as these can affect the visibility and the ease of movement around the map.

Using the Nitro Drifter:

Explanation of Nitro Drifter controls:

The Nitro Drifter is a relatively easy vehicle to control. Players can use the left stick to steer, the right trigger to accelerate, and the left trigger to brake. The Nitro Drifter can also jump by pressing the A button, which can be useful for navigating difficult terrain.

To use the Nitro Drifter’s drift ability, players should use the handbrake by pressing and holding the B button while turning the vehicle.

How to perform a drift in the Nitro Drifter:

Performing a drift in the Nitro Drifter is relatively simple. Players should use the handbrake by pressing and holding the B button while turning the vehicle. The Nitro Drifter will start to slide, and players can use the left stick to steer in the direction of the slide.

The longer players hold the handbrake, the longer the drift will last. Players can also release the handbrake early to end the drift.

Benefits of drifting in the Nitro Drifter:

Drifting in the Nitro Drifter provides several benefits for players. Firstly, it allows players to navigate tight corners and sharp turns with ease, making it easier to escape from danger or engage in high-speed chases.

Secondly, drifting can help players maintain their speed when making sharp turns, allowing them to continue moving quickly without losing momentum. Finally, drifting in the Nitro Drifter can be a stylish and satisfying way to show off to other players.

Advanced Nitro Drifter Techniques:

Here are some advanced nitro drifter techniques.

Boosting with the Nitro Drifter:

Players can boost the Nitro Drifter’s speed by holding down the right bumper. Boosting can be especially useful for getting out of sticky situations or for quickly closing the gap between the Nitro Drifter and other players.

However, players should be aware that boosting consumes fuel, so it’s important to use it strategically.

Using the Nitro Drifter to navigate difficult terrain:

The Nitro Drifter’s drift ability makes it a great vehicle for navigating difficult terrain, such as steep hills or rocky terrain. By drifting and using the Nitro Drifter’s jump ability, players can quickly and easily traverse otherwise challenging areas of the map.

However, players should be careful when using the Nitro Drifter on rough terrain, as it can be easily damaged or destroyed.

Combining Nitro Drifter with other Fortnite gameplay mechanics:

Players can combine the Nitro Drifter with other Fortnite gameplay mechanics to create even more exciting and challenging experiences. For example, players can set up a race course or obstacle course using building materials and other vehicles, and use the Nitro Drifter to race against other players.

Players can also use the Nitro Drifter in conjunction with weapons and other items to create unique gameplay experiences.


The Nitro Drifter is an important and exciting vehicle in Fortnite, providing players with the ability to move quickly and efficiently around the game map. Its drift ability makes it especially useful for navigating tight corners and sharp turns, and it can be combined with other Fortnite gameplay mechanics to create unique and exciting experiences.


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