Fortnite Heat Levels: What Are They And How They Works?

Fortnite Heat Level has become an important new mechanic in the popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite. It is a risk vs reward element that can significantly affect players in the game. By increasing the Heat Level, players can get helpful perks such as regenerating health and shields outside combat.

However, they will also attract more Cold Blooded goons and opponents to come after them. In this article, I will take a closer look at what Fortnite Heat Level is, how it works, and how players can manage it effectively.

Methods to Increase Heat Level:

The main way to increase the Heat Level in Fortnite is to eliminate other players or Cold Blooded members. This is a common strategy used by players who want to increase their Heat Level quickly.

Another way to increase the Heat Level is to open chests, which also gives the player a chance to collect useful items.

Players can also use Fortnite Burner Pay Phones located in named locations, which are marked with a phone icon on the player’s map when they are close. The phone prompt costs the player 500 bars for each Heat Level increase.

Effects of Increasing Heat Level:

As the player’s Heat Level in Fortnite increases, additional effects are applied to the character, based on how many flame icons they’ve filled in, from one to four. The effects of increasing the Heat Level are:

  • More Bars dropped from eliminations
  • Movement speed up 15%, 100 Health regenerated outside combat
  • Movement speed up 20%, 100 Health + 50 Shield regen outside combat
  • Movement speed up 25%, 100 Health + 100 Shield regen outside combat

However, increasing the Heat Level will also cause Cold Blooded members to be more hostile towards the player and make the character more visible to other players on the minimap and through the environment.

Therefore, players need to weigh up the risk vs reward of getting lots of Heat.

Strategies for Managing Heat Level:

To manage their Heat Level effectively, players need to balance the risk vs reward element of increasing Heat. While a high Heat Level can be helpful in opening Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults, it can also attract more attention to the player.

Therefore, players should retreat to a safe distance and heal when trying to get a vault keycard from the boss.

It is also important to consider the timing of increasing Heat Level. Players should not increase their Heat Level too quickly or too early in the game, as it can make them more visible to other players and attract unwanted attention.

Instead, they should consider their strategy carefully and increase their Heat Level at the right time.

In addition, players can use the environment to their advantage. They can hide in bushes, use natural terrain features to their advantage, and avoid open areas. Players can also use distractions, such as decoys or noise makers, to divert Cold Blooded members and other players’ attention.

Lastly, players can use stealth tactics to manage their Heat Level. They can move quietly, avoid unnecessary confrontations, and use silenced weapons to eliminate enemies quietly.


In conclusion, Fortnite Heat Level is an exciting new addition to the game that brings an extra layer of strategy to the battle royale experience. It rewards players for taking risks and eliminating opponents, but also forces them to weigh the risk vs reward element carefully.

By using strategies such as avoiding unnecessary eliminations and managing your Heat Level before attempting to open Cold Blooded Vaults, you can make the most of this new mechanic and increase your chances of victory.

So next time you’re playing Fortnite, don’t forget to keep an eye on your Heat Level and use it to your advantage!


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