AZTROMICK Rocket League Settings, Camera, Control, Deadzone

AZTROMICK is a pro Rocket League player from the Brazil who’s been playing since 2015. He’s made a name for himself in the scene with his dope skills and consistency.

AZTROMICK’s been on some pro teams, like Nefarious, RBG Esports, and Affinity, and has crushed it in both online and offline tournaments, racking up some super impressive wins. His biggest W was winning the RLCS Season 9 North American Rival Series with RBG Esports, which got them into the RLCS Season 10.

He’s got this solid playstyle that makes him a clutch teammate and a valued asset to any team he’s on. Plus, he’s got mad respect in the Rocket League community for being a positive dude and a good sport.

AZTROMICK also streams on Twitch and has a YouTube channel where he shares his gameplay and tips with other players looking to get better.

Overall, AZTROMICK is a total beast of a Rocket League player who’s earned himself a ton of fans and respect for his skill, consistency, and positive attitude.

AZTROMICK Camera Settings (Updated):

Swivel Speed10.00
Transition Speed2.00
Ball CamToggle
Camera ShakeNo

AZTROMICK Control Settings:

Air Roll (Left/Right) ( L2 / L1 )
Ball Cam

AZTROMICK Deadzone Settings:

Deadzone ShapeCross
Dodge Deadzone0.45
Aerial Sensitivity2.80
Steering Sensitivity2.00

Gaming Gears:

Gear NameModel
Gaming ControllerSony DualShock 4
Gaming MonitorASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM 24.5″
Gaming HeadsetASTRO A40

Overview of AZTROMICK Rocket League Settings:

AZTROMICK is a professional Rocket League player, and his in-game camera settings, controls, and deadzone settings are all optimized to suit his playstyle.

In terms of camera settings, AZTROMICK has set his field of view (FOV) to 110, which gives him a wider view of the field, allowing him to see more of the action. He has also set his camera height to 100, angle to -3.0, and distance to 270, which provides a comfortable and clear view of the game.

AZTROMICK’s control settings are also carefully calibrated to maximize his efficiency and precision during matches. He has bound his powerslide to R1, jump to X, throttle to R2, air roll left and right to R1 and L1 respectively, ball cam to triangle, boost to circle, and brake to L2. These keybinds allow him to easily and quickly access the various actions he needs to perform in the game.

In terms of deadzone settings, AZTROMICK uses the cross shape, with a deadzone of 0.06 and a dodge deadzone of 0.50. This helps to eliminate any unwanted movements or responses from the controller, and helps him to make precise movements and adjustments in the game.

Finally, AZTROMICK uses a Sony DualShock 4 controller, a ZOWIE XL2430 monitor, and an ASTRO A40 headset for his gaming gear, which are all high-quality and optimized for gaming.

Final Words:

Overall, AZTROMICK’s Rocket League settings are a result of careful consideration and experimentation, and have been optimized to help him perform at his best during matches. These settings serve as a good reference point for other Rocket League players who want to improve their gameplay, as they show how the right camera settings, control settings, and deadzone settings can help to enhance overall performance.

Additionally, his choice of gaming gear shows that high-quality equipment can also contribute to better gameplay and more enjoyable gaming experiences.


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