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B0ston Rocket League Settings 2023 (Updated)

Boston Scott is a professional Rocket League player hailing from the United States, currently playing for the Dignitas team. He was born on April 27, 1995, making him 28 years of age. Scott is a North American player and is currently active in the Rocket League competitive scene.

While there is no information on when Boston Scott began his career as a player, it is known that he is currently playing for Dignitas as a member of their Rocket League team. Scott has shown great skill and dedication to the game, earning his place among some of the best players in North America.

As a professional Rocket League player, Scott competes at the highest level in the game and is well-regarded within the community for his gameplay skills. His role on the Dignitas team is that of a player, where he contributes to his team’s success by using his exceptional game sense and mechanical abilities.

B0ston Camera Settings:

  • Camera shake: No
  • FOV: 110
  • Height: 110
  • Angle: -5.0
  • Distance: 280
  • Stiffness: 0.45
  • Swivel speed: 3.30
  • Transition speed: 1.60
  • Ball camera: Toggle

Overview Of B0ston Rocket League Settings:

Boston, a professional Rocket League player, has a specific set of game settings that he uses to optimize his gameplay. In general, Rocket League settings can significantly impact a player’s ability to react, anticipate, and control their in-game movements, which is why many pro players like zen, drku, hiruko, musty, pulga take them very seriously.

  • Firstly, Boston has turned off Camera Shake, which is a feature that makes the camera shake when the player’s car collides with other objects, like the ball or the walls. This feature can make it difficult to maintain a clear and stable view of the game, so turning it off can be beneficial.
  • His Field of View (FOV) setting is 110, which is relatively high. A higher FOV can help players to see more of the field, which can be advantageous when tracking the ball and anticipating opponents’ movements.
  • Additionally, His Camera Height and Distance settings are also relatively high, at 110 and 280 respectively. These settings provide a larger, more panoramic view of the field, giving Boston a better sense of the overall game state.
  • In terms of Camera Angle, Boston has set it to -5.0. This angle can provide better visibility of the field while still maintaining a relatively flat perspective that can help with aiming and ball control.
  • Boston’s Camera Stiffness setting is 0.45, which is relatively low. This setting controls how much the camera moves in response to the player’s movements and can impact how smooth or jerky the camera view feels. Boston’s setting suggests that he prefers a more fluid and less rigid camera.
  • Boston’s Swivel Speed setting is 3.30, which controls how quickly the camera moves when the player is turning or rotating their car. A higher Swivel Speed can allow for faster reactions and more precise movements.
  • Lastly, Boston uses the Toggle Ball Camera setting, which means that he can switch between the regular camera view and a ball-centered view with a toggle button. This setting is useful for tracking the ball more closely and can be helpful when trying to make precise shots or passes.


In conclusion, I can say that Boston’s Rocket League settings are optimized to provide him with a clear and panoramic view of the field while allowing for quick reactions and precise movements. By customizing his settings in this way, Boston has maximized his potential for success in the game.

Try these settings and let me know about your feedback!


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