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Zemie Fortnite Settings – Mouse, Keybinds & Gaming Setup (2023)

Zemie is a skilled Fortnite player and content creator hailing from the United States. While specific details such as their name, birthday, and team affiliation are currently unknown, what is certain is Zemie’s expertise in the popular battle royale game.

As a content creator, Zemie shares their knowledge and experiences with the wider gaming community through various social media platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube. With a growing following and a reputation as a talented player, Zemie is someone to keep an eye on in the competitive Fortnite scene.

Zemie Fortnite Settings:

Here are Zemie fortnite settings.

Zemie Mouse Settings:

MouseDPIHzX-Axis SensitivityY-Axis SensitivityTargeting SensitivityScope Sensitivity
LOGITECH G PRO X SUPERLIGHT BLACK80010005.5%5.5%42.9%42.9%

This table displays Zemie mouse settings for playing Fortnite.


KeybindsKRAKEN PRO 60
JumpSpace Bar
SprintMiddle Mouse Button
Harvesting Tool1
Weapon Slot 12
Weapon Slot 23
Weapon Slot 34
Weapon Slot 45
Weapon Slot 56
StairsMouse 4
RoofMouse 5
Rotate BuildingR
Building EditB
Turbo BuildingUnknown
Confirm Edit on ReleaseUnknown
Disable Pre-Edit OptionUnknown

Video Settings:

Video SettingsZemie Settings
Window ModeFullscreen
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS
HUD Scale100%
User Interface Contrast1x
Color Blind ModeTritanope
Color Blind Strength8
Graphics Quality
View DistanceEpic
Anti-Aliasing & Super ResolutionOff
Post ProcessingLow
Advanced Graphics
Motion BlurOff
Show FPSOn
Rendering ModeDirectX11
Allow Multithreaded RenderingOn
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyOFF

PC Setup:

ProcessorIntel Core i7-10700K
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

Expert Overview of Zemie Fortnite Settings:

As we know that Zemie is a skilled Fortnite player like Veno, peterbot, gmoney and he is known for their high-level gameplay and expertise in the popular battle royale game. To achieve success, Zemie has optimized their gaming setup and settings to fit their gameplay style.

In this overview, Let’s take a closer look at Zemie’s Fortnite settings, including their mouse, DPI, keybinds, and video settings.

Mouse: Zemie’s mouse of choice is the Logitech G Pro X Superlight Black, a lightweight and responsive mouse that is popular among gamers. Zemie uses a DPI of 800 and an Hz of 1000, which allows for precise and quick movements in the game. The X and Y-axis sensitivity are both set at 5.5%, while the targeting and scope sensitivity are both set at 42.9%.

Keybinds: Zemie uses the Kraken Pro 60 keyboard and has optimized their keybinds for maximum efficiency during gameplay. For movement, Zemie uses the left control key to crouch, the space bar to jump, and the middle mouse button to sprint. For combat, Zemie has the harvesting tool bound to 1, weapon slot 1 bound to 2, weapon slot 2 bound to 3, weapon slot 3 bound to 4, weapon slot 4 bound to 5, and weapon slot 5 bound to 6.

The use key is set to E, while building keys include wall (Q), floor (F), stairs (mouse 4), roof (mouse 5), and trap (left shift). The building edit key is set to B, while the rotate building key is set to R.

Video Settings: Zemie’s video settings are optimized for maximum performance and visual clarity. They use a fullscreen window mode and a resolution of 1920×1080, with a frame rate limit of 240 FPS. The HUD scale is set to 100%, while the brightness is set at 100% and the user interface contrast is set to 1x. Zemie uses the Tritanope color blind mode with a color blind strength of 8. Graphics quality settings include view distance set to “Near,” shadows set to “Off,” anti-aliasing and super resolution set to “Off,” textures set to “Low,” effects set to “Low,” and post-processing set to “Low.”

Advanced graphics settings include Vsync set to “Off,” motion blur set to “Off,” and show FPS set to “On.” The rendering mode is set to DirectX 11, and multithreaded rendering is set to “On.” NVIDIA Reflex low latency is turned off.


In conclusion, Zemie’s Fortnite settings reflect their dedication to achieving high-level gameplay and success in the game. They have optimized their mouse settings, keybinds, and video settings to fit their gameplay style, allowing for maximum efficiency and performance during gameplay.

As a skilled Fortnite player and content creator, Zemie’s settings serve as a valuable resource for those looking to improve their own gameplay in the popular battle royale game.


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