Atomic Camera Settings (2023) In Rocket League

Atomic is a highly skilled player, known for both his ability to make assists as well as his knack for scoring seemingly impossible goals. Despite narrowly missing out on the World Championship in 2022 with his team G2 Esports, coming in second place, he is expected to be a strong contender in 2023.

At 19 years of age, Atomic has amassed over $400,000 in lifetime winnings from the game Rocket League. The American player is a member of the professional esports team G2 Esports, and has achieved many notable accomplishments, such as the RLCS Season X NA Championship and the Winter Split Major.

Atomic Camera Settings (Updated):

Atomic’s camera settings are as follows:

  • Camera shake: Off
  • Field of view (FOV): 110
  • Camera height: 100
  • Camera angle: -3.0
  • Camera distance: 260
  • Stiffness: 0.40
  • Swivel speed: 10.00
  • Transition speed: 1.20
  • Ball camera: Toggle

By using Atomic camera settings, you may be able to improve your gameplay in Rocket League, with these settings could also be helpful for you to understand and adapt it to their own preferences and gameplay style.

Atomic Deadzone Settings (Updated):

Updated deadzone settings are as follows:

  • Deadzone Shape: Cross
  • Deadzone: 0.05
  • Dodge Deadzone: 0.40
  • Aerial Sensitivity: 3.50
  • Steering Sensitivity: 3.50

Atomic Control Settings (Updated):

Updated control settings are as follows:

  • Powerslide: RB
  • Jump: X
  • Throttle: R
  • Air Roll (Left/Right) : R1(L1/-)
  • Ball Cam: Y
  • Boost: O
  • Brake: L

Expert Opinion on Atomic Camera Settings:

In this section I will explain the expert opinions on camera settings of Atomic.

Atomic’s FOV And His Gameplay:

As most of you already know that FOV, refers to the angle at which a player views the game. Atomic, is known for using a high FOV, which some players find beneficial as it allows for a wider view of the field.

However, it can also make the car appear smaller and can take some time to adjust to. It affects gameplay by providing more peripheral vision and allows players to see more of the field, but on the other hand, it can make it harder to judge distances and make precise shots.

Camera Height And Distance:

Camera Height and Distance refer to the positioning of the in-game camera relative to the car. A higher camera height will give players a better view of the field, but can make it harder to control the car. A farther camera distance will make the car appear smaller and can be more challenging for precise shots. Atomic have the ability to adjust the height and distance of the camera in the game settings to personalize it to his liking and he prefer to make adjustments based on the type of game mode they are playing.

Camera Shake And Its Impact On Gameplay:

Camera shake can greatly impact gameplay in Rocket League, and Atomic has been known for his ability to effectively use it to his advantage.

He often employs subtle camera shakes during in-game aerial maneuvers to disorient his opponents and gain a strategic edge. However, camera shake can also be detrimental if not used correctly, and Atomic makes sure to keep it subtle and within the limits of what is comfortable for him.

Camera Settings For Different Playstyles:

Atomic’s camera settings have been optimized to suit his own unique playstyle. He prefers a high camera height, which gives him a better overall view of the field, and a high camera distance, which allows him to execute aerial moves with more precision.

Additionally, he has his ball camera settings on a very low swivel speed and distance to have a better control over the ball. These camera settings work well for him, but may not be the best for players with a different playstyle.

Comparison Of Atomic’s Rocket League Settings With Other Professional Players:

Atomic’s rocket league settings are similar to that of other professional Rocket League players like jstn, sizz, rizzo etc. but with a few key differences. He tends to prefer a higher camera height than most, which gives him a better overall view of the field and allows him to take aerial shots with more precision.

He also has lower camera distances than others, which makes it easier for him to control the ball. This comparison shows that his camera settings are tailored to his playstyle and preferences and may not necessarily be the best for other players.

Gaming Gears Used By Atomic:

  • Atomic uses the gaming headset “HyperX Cloud II” for in-game audio and communication.
  • He uses the gaming keyboard “Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT” for in-game commands and macros.
  • He uses the gaming mouse “Logitech G Pro Wireless” for precise cursor control and customization.
  • He uses the gaming monitor “Acer GN246HL” for high resolution and fast refresh rate during gameplay.
  • He uses the gaming chair “Secretlab OMEGA” for comfort and proper posture during prolonged gaming sessions.
  • Atomic use “Sony DualShock 4” controller for elite experience.
Note: These are the gears used by Atomic as of my recent knowledge, he may use different ones  in the future.

Final Words:

To wrap up, I strongly urge players looking to enhance their Rocket League game to consider Atomic’s camera settings. Getting to grips with the various camera settings and how they influence gameplay is key in finding the settings that work best for you.

Give these settings a go and let me know how it goes – I’m sure you’ll have a blast! Happy gaming!


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